On May 6th the ADFC has organized a rally  in Düsseldorf themed "town, bike, air". Several thousand bikers from all over North-Rhine-Westphalia joined teh final demonstration. A course of 18 Km lead through the Rheinufertunnel, over 2 bridges across the Rhine river, through the middle of Düsseldorf and the famous Königsalle, while heavy trafic roads were closed by the police.  All kinds of bikes yould be seen. Special focus was on cargo bikes. So it was no question for Bastiaen-Cargo No.4 and No.5 to participate.

Since I needed a cheap folding bike I recently aquired an old steel-framed Dahon Speed 3. Removing all unnecessary parts and replacing some components made this a surprisingly speedy thing, that even allows me to cover 40 km if I miss the hourly train. And then there´s the paintjob... I´ve always wanted to treat a bike with rust-effect and had a couple of cans lying around for years. Tadaa! Here it is. Of all the many bikes I have owned none (except maybe the Bastiaen Cargo´s) has ever received such enthusiastic comment. And the funny thing is: it goes all across population from young girl to old drinker. If you want the ultimate velosophic communication machine imagine a Bastiaen Cargo in rust-effect. There is but one frame left now...


You may have heard about a "walking bass" in Jazz music. Here is a something new and unheard so far: "biking bass".


Maybe not for long distance transport, but for a few kilometers on a smooth road, it was a perfect ride.


Found on the street: a dish washer.


May 3rd: I receive my Bastiaen Cargo (Nr.3) at Düsseldorf main station. 21:00 pm, Bochum station, my first ride, just 15m later I´ve got the knack. 8 km homewards are a good practice. 

I use the bastiaen ever since for commuting (18 km) and all other errands about 25 km/day. It does not like curbs higher than 7 - 8 cm (and no steps as well) but that is not what it has been designed for. The racing tires reduce offroad performance and I am going to change to bigger tires as soon as the Kojaks are worn through.
Nr. 3 is a cargobike and that´s why I have it. I exchanged the sandwich scoop for an 18mm multiplex board, because I wanted to add tough eyebolts to secure my cargo. Everyday-loads of 20 - 30 kg are no problem at all, 80 kg only uphill (smoker that I am).

"Where you goin´?"
"DIY store."
"Can you get me some wood?"
"Spruce 8 x 10 x 400"
"No, cm. They don´t fit in my VW Van"

A rear luggage rack with "gallows" added on the right side helps to carry long cargo: drop it on the flatbed and hang it from the gallows in the rear. A timber 8x10x400 is no problem, with two such timbers too much weight is off center.

All friends (most of them without any experience with cargobikes) could ride the bike after 10 to 20 m without any issue. One lady immediately picked up 60kg from the DIY market and returned unscathed.


I don´t regret buying the Bastiaen. This is my bike!

Regards, Helmut



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