The week before Easter Bastiaen Cargo No 4 was delivered to me, just in time for a week of cycling.

Our Tour started in Düsseldorf and followed the Rhine passing Cologne and Bonn. It continued up river Ahr to its source and further into the mountainous Eifel to Kronenberg. From there it became more relaxed down river Erft to Neuss and finaly to the start

The baggage of my wife ane myself easily fitted into the spaceous box and was protected from rain. Even with load the dteering was agile, direct and easy.

My Bastiaen Cargo No4 is powered by an Ansmann RM7.0 rearmotor. After a daily distence of around 50 Km and normal support the Accu had still lot of capacity left. Often it is sufficient to run in eco modus which adds 50% distance. On the forth day we rode 70 Km against strong wind and the hills became stepper towards Blankenheim and further to Kronenberg. That day I reached the hotel and kept only 2Km distance in reserve according to the display. I  should have used recuperation downkills to gain some energy back. The only thing I had to get used to is switching to the right gear before it gets up a hil, as RM7.0 deploys its strength only at a certain speed. So it is not wise to come to a stopon an ascending road.

My impression on Bastiaen Cargo is extremely positive. Even with load it rides like a normal bike and the e-Support it is very convenient due to its good Accu capacity of von 17,5Ah, 630Wh.

More pictures are in the gallery and on the poster.



3 Bastiaen Cargobikes could be experienced on Special Bike Fair at Germersheim Spezi 2017 April 28th/29th.


Bastiaen Cargo has been on display at VeloBerlin April 1st/2nd in the special Cargobike& Family area. One tester at the "testival" asked, if Bastiaen Cargo would be available without the e-support? The display-Bike was not e-powered!! The agility was obviously convincing.

Our display-bike is a neat, white, XT-equipped cargo-randonneur sporting the light sandwich box and was sold instantaneously.

(Foto Matthias Stief)

Four of its brothers/sisters are also still available and in the time beetween you may download a poster for free


The first bike of the Bastiaen Cargo series has been delivered and equipped with a special Cargo/Display setup by item for their booth on Logimat March. 14th - 16th. With item´s D30 profile system you can easily build your own cargo area. Just stick two D30 profiles through the transverse tubes of the frame and continue from there. If you want you can use the lower tube to hinge a double kickstand also built from D30.


Finally we have started production of ten framesets. It has been a really challenge to get here but great practical and moral support from many, many people has carried this project on. The first series differs from the breathtakingly rakish prototype in several ways to improve ride and practicality but the key features (centerhub steering, face-to-face childrens seat, short wheelbase) have not been touched .

We have introduced two transverse tubes, that serve to hold the box and that can be used to build individual Cargo areas from item D30 profiles, that fit through them. Additionally the frames feature built- in rear light, adjustable steering stops (3D printed!) and many more. Not the least: all steering components are now CNC´d to our spec.


We found it quite impossible to build the first series in 7020 aluminium for several reasons and finally decided on using laser-cut steel (CrMo and seamless precision tube) instead. The weight of the steel frame is almost exactly the same and it should be more comfortable to ride.

The same goes for the front wheel. The discs are pressed from (thinner!) steel now using the same tools, bolted and glued together and finally filled with a structural foam. This made the front wheel stronger but heavier. We are currently working on an alternative that should be much lighter.

The boxes consist of ultralightweight DuFLEX Balsa Core pannels from which the 3 parts are CNC-cut. and bonded with a high density epoxy adhesive mixture.



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