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Velogut Berlin

Cargovelo Saarbrücken

Madamecargo Aachen

Supercargo Wuppertal (coming May 2019)

So far we´ve been mostly direct marketing. To scale up a bit we need YOU. Please get in touch.




We had a small but successfull gig at VeloBerlin at the Cargobike & Family Special Area, like always wonderfully hosted by Arne cargobike.jetzt. Thankks to Tommy aka cargovelo.services, Bastiaen dealer, mechanic and man-for-everything. Of course both of us participated in Cargobike Race Berlin, but physical (Sven...) or mental (Tommy...) condition (or rather lack hereof) made for an early end. Bastiaen relay team did reasonably well (3 out of 4).

After many months of development, production and organization behind the scenes it is always a treat to roll out a bike once a year and experience, that an eager audience understands and appreciates the unique Bastiaen concept.




"Fairkehr" (AKA fair traffic), magazine of alternative german traffic organization VCD features an article by Valeska Zepp about the Velowerft project of NGO Bonn im Wandel (german language only): https://www.fairkehr-magazin.de/aktuelle-ausgabe-22019/service/lastenrad-selbst-bauen/

If you are interested in hosting a similar project, please get in touch.




Another year has passed. And again Bastiaen Cargo is on show at VeloBerlin at Cargobike&Family special area H5 B13. Since I am coming by train and joining the cargobikerace, I chose to bring a nice little black racer instead of a fully equipped Bastiaen with big box and face-to-face children´s seat. You Berliners have seen that twice now. Welcome!


On May 6th the ADFC has organized a rally  in Düsseldorf themed "town, bike, air". Several thousand bikers from all over North-Rhine-Westphalia joined teh final demonstration. A course of 18 Km lead through the Rheinufertunnel, over 2 bridges across the Rhine river, through the middle of Düsseldorf and the famous Königsalle, while heavy trafic roads were closed by the police.  All kinds of bikes yould be seen. Special focus was on cargo bikes. So it was no question for Bastiaen-Cargo No.4 and No.5 to participate.


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