Jacob of littlebigcargo kindly volunteered to take No. 8 from Berlin to Nijmegen, got kicked out of the train and treated to a long night ride. He returned pretty thrilled.

No. 9 hit the road a few days ago and today made a test run downtown. This pretty green beast is the first Bastiaen equipped with a Rohloff 14-gear hub and that makes for a nice combination. I am very pleased with this bike and would say it´s the best Bastiaen so far. If you look closely you will recognize that the scoop is borrowed from No. 8. That is because No. 9 will receive an extra-wide DuFlex Box before cruising through beautiful green (likewise) Münsterland. No.8 will also receive a DuFlex Box (standard size) and is due to be delivered to Berlin as soon as the new series of CNC-front wheels has been made.


Since I needed a cheap folding bike I recently aquired an old steel-framed Dahon Speed 3. Removing all unnecessary parts and replacing some components made this a surprisingly speedy thing, that even allows me to cover 40 km if I miss the hourly train. And then there´s the paintjob... I´ve always wanted to treat a bike with rust-effect and had a couple of cans lying around for years. Tadaa! Here it is. Of all the many bikes I have owned none (except maybe the Bastiaen Cargo´s) has ever received such enthusiastic comment. And the funny thing is: it goes all across population from young girl to old drinker. If you want the ultimate velosophic communication machine imagine a Bastiaen Cargo in rust-effect. There is but one frame left now...


You may have heard about a "walking bass" in Jazz music. Here is a something new and unheard so far: "biking bass".


Maybe not for long distance transport, but for a few kilometers on a smooth road, it was a perfect ride.


Found on the street: a dish washer.



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