How do you manage the big weekend shopping? Of course with a Bastiaen Cargo. With the weatherproof Box it becomes a mobile shoppingbasket.

We have taken another interesting Video for you. Riding a Bastian Cargo, you certainly will get attention: "What a fashionable piece is that"!


And in this case, that's not a reference to the latest summer fashion at Marianna M .


How do you taxi your children and their luggage to their favourite playground in the woods? Most easily with the Bastiaen Cargo. With the waterprotecting box and its integrated face-to-face childrens bench it is the perfect mobile children's Bench:

  • open tbe box
  • load your luggage
  • get a seat and
  • start biking.

Our camera has been with us and has captured another stunning Video.



Spring time! The weather attacts us for an outside activity. And what is better than riding the Bastiaen Cargo to get some cool drinks? And as we were out in the sun, we created a cool video too.

The Nieuws uit Nijmegen  and the official video 2016 report on the International Cargobikefestival ICBF on April 16th - 17th.

While city logistics was the hype theme also other innovative ideas were exchanged. So the official video has identified THE BOX (5.36) and the Bastiaen Cargo (6:20), both designed by Sven Bastiaen Schulz, amongst the innovations this year. The cargo bike race took place in spite of the pouring rain. Amongst the competitors THE BOX (see Video 1:30-1:40) and the Bastiaen Cargo (see Video 2:12-2:22). Key for success was not only the bike's agility but also the speed when loading and unloading the cargo. Caution with the cargo was not the first priority as every second counted.

So the waterprotecting cover of Bastiaen cargo stayed open and the precious cargo was exposed to the rain. Bastiaen cargo came in third due to the innovative king-pin steering and its outstanding maneuverability.


We will participate in the International Cargobikefestival ICBF in Nijmegen with Bastiaen Cargo and THE BOX Sunday, April 17th.

Looking forward to meeting 200 other Cargobikes, meet friends and new people.

A stone-faced Bonn citizen sends us off to Nijmegen. Don´t worry. We´ll be back.




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