If you´re not already hooked and curious what it´s like, don´t miss the chance to see and test Bastiaen Cargo at Spezialradmesse in Germersheim am 28. und 29. April.


Message from Sören, owner of no. 5:
Maybe you are interested in this figure. My bike used almost exactly 38 KWh electricity on 3500 km with highest support level. Including loss at charging and based on standard electricity mix this equals to 5-6 g CO2/km or 0,3 l gasoline per 100 km.

We had a gorgeous (albeit at first very wet) VeloBerlin. Apart from a Bastiaen waren the plywood kitbike "The Box" and a second dismantled kit made it to Berlin, the latter being assembled "live" during the ECLF-Lounge. Climax (after an unforgettable Cargobike evening in front of and in Bar Babette on friday) was the big cargobike race on Tempelhof airfield, just outside the huge hangars where VeloBerlin took place.

Bastiaen Cargo had a big line-up at  Cyclingworld. Four Bastiaens and one of our new "The Box" plywood kitbikes shared a large booth with  Cargobikemonkeys. Many old friends and new faces dropped by and took the chance for a testride.

The story of Bastiaen Cargo goes on. We´ve been busy in the last months optimizing some details, buying material, testing and preparing production. The 2018 Bastiaen Cargo received some new exiting features. What? CNC front wheels are standard, saving over 2kg of weight. The frame is 100% 25CrMo4 steel and has received alternative bolt-on positions for both side and double-leg kickstands. It can accomodate both 18/26" and 20/28" wheels (the latter up to 28 mm tires). Thus a wider choice of tires is available and in racing configuration ground clearance is larger. There will be more flexibility and variety in cargo options and much, much more. We´re booked for both Spezi in Germersheim and Velo Berlin/ICBF in April as well as some smaller events. Keepin touch and get excited.


Sven Bastiaen Schulz

Maarweg 29
D-53123 Bonn
+49 (0)228 96100479


UStID DE242681564

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