We spent a couple of relaxed days at the cargobikefestival in Nijmegen. Sebi had to cover sunday alone with his #6 but I managed to join him in time for an informal rideout on monday with #2.

Finally on monday evening we were joined by our cargoracer #8. Jakob, who kindly agreed to bring the bike from Berlin cargobikerace to Nijmegen was chucked out of the train which treated him to a nightly bike ride back home on the Bastiaen Cargo and he seemed quite delighted.

We spend the morning with a joint foto session with Diego Brunellos Alpacargo (don´t those two bikes look like from the same stable?) and then went out for dinner.

Sunday began with a visit of Velorama bike museum (inspiration for the future and a deep bow before the ancestors achievements!) and ended with a shockig ride on a chinese rear-steering tricycle. Actually it rode surprisingly well but - being a sailor - I understood the rear wheel as a rudder and kept steering wrong direction because the handlebar is not a tiller.



Mit einem professionellen Hintergrund von über zehn Jahren bieten wir Industriedesign von Investitionsgütern, Konsumprodukten und Verpackungen.

Design für 3D-Druck

Kunden profitieren von unserer Kenntnis der unterschiedlichen Technologien und der dafür erforderlichen Konstruktion sowie des Zusammenhangs zwischen 3D-Druck und Mass Customization.

Yachtsport Design

Gleich ob individuelles, wasserdichtes Elektronikgehäuse oder strukturell eingesetzter Beschlag, wir bringen die Vorteile des 3D Drucks in die Yachtszene.

Fahrrad Design

Design, Konstruktion und praktische Erfahrung, finden zusammen im achsschenkelgelenkten BastiaenCargo oder bei ihrem Projekt.


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